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*This is a general guideline, variables may affect total price.  Please note there is a $400 minimum charge on all work.  Estimates are provided free of charge. 

All seniors receive a 10% discount.     

The average price for an interior repaint is around $2 - $3 per square foot applied by professional painters.  This usually includes walls, trim, doors and baseboards.  This is a reasonable price considering the time in labor and material costs.  We use only top grade materials, have full liability and insurance coverage and pay top wages to our crew.

*You get what you pay for*

Insurance Claims - We are fully equipped to handle all Disaster Restorations.

Property Managers - We are always looking to establish new relations with PM's and offer competitive rates at $1 per square foot - walls only, same color(1 color paint allotment), minimal patching in vacant units.

I. Repaint Package

$2.75 per square foot(3 color paint allotment). (floor footage based on 8' ceilings)

- Discounts for Vacant Units

Includes Walls, Door Trim, Doors, Window Sills, Baseboards, Top Grade Paint (low toxin paints available for an extra fee) and Materials

1. Patch small dents and holes in wall and trim, Caulk cracks (Dap Alex Plus -35 year warranty).

2. Sand Walls, Trim and Prime repairs.

3. 2 coats of finish paint on Walls and all Trim.

Ia. Walls Only

$2.00 per square foot(3 color paint allotment). (same as above but excludes trim)

Ib. Ceilings Only

$600 for a 1 bedroom apartment & up. Spray applied, 1 day service with no furniture to move.

II. Builder Rate

$2.00 - $4.00 per square foot - negotiable depending on extent of trim. (floor footage based on 8' ceilings)

No flooring or electrical plates on walls for prime coat.


-1 latex primer coat
-2 acrylic latex finish top coats


(interior door and frame, baseboard, casings and sills)

-all nail holes filled and sanded + seams filled (Dap Alex Plus-35 year warranty)

-2 coats top grade latex or alkyd

3 color allotment
(Crown, chair rail and spindles are an extra charge)

Variables and Extras

*More than 3 colors - $150 for each additional color (more paint waste, cleaning of brushes and rollers, extra color to touch up)

*High Walls add .50 per foot (2 coats)

*Spindles - $10 each (2 coats)

*Hand Rail - $1 per lineal foot (2 coats) with Paint or $2 per lineal foot with Stain/Varnish + cost of Varnish

*Crown Molding - $2.50 per lineal foot - semi gloss finish or $1.75 per lin.ft. - flat enamel finish

*Chair Rail - $1 per lineal foot

*Picture Frame Windows - $70 each (2 coats)

*French Doors - $150 each (masked and sprayed)

III. Time and Material Rate

$40 per hour, each professional painter -Interior Only(clean & quick precision painters)

10% on material and paint receipts

Email or Call (604) 825 - 8204 for details

*We reserve the right to change our price list at anytime


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